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- May 04, 2018 20, online Dating Terms, older People Don't Know. Meet the new glossary of modern romance. Its just like a ghost coming back from the dead. This is the act of taking a condom off during sex without even letting your partner know you've done. As the term implies, this is not a nice thing. You can say they slid into your DMs like because they moved a romantic conversation from a public forum to a private forum (your DMs). The key here is communication and honesty (yay, finally!

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- By Diana Bruk May 4, 2018. If youve been out of the dating space for awhile, modern dating terms can be mystifying. Friendships can dwindle to textlationships, but its especially frustrating when a former or potential lover keeps you at arms length. You wait a few days. If youre looking for something more serious, you probably want to avoid messaging someone with FWB or casual in their dating profile. Definitely watch out for this term when a prospective date plans your night so you know what youre saying yes.