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- Online dating sites can make the process easier. How to Prevent Silver and White. A permanent hair removal secret from Burma - for natural hair removal permanently! Women who are transitioning may need more protein, and at-home protein treatments can be used two to three times per month. Use a wide-tooth comb (anything finer can cause snagging and even breakage) or special detangling tool like. Use gentle sulfate-free shampoos or those designed specifically for curly hair.

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- Hair from Turning Yellow. Natural, chemical Peel at Home. They will need to use scalp exfoliates and continue with frequent washings, but double up on the deep conditioners and protein treatments more frequently. Be sure to use products that specify they are made for deep conditioning. How To: Draw hair, how To: Remove sensitive information in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. Was this page useful? Protein Treatments : Protein formulas can add strength, but should not be overused. After 2 months of trial, I'm finally here to tell you a secret that works!